Perfect Pitch HighSchool Girls Apk Free Download

Looks great Its epicHere we provide Perfect Pitch HighSchool Girls V 1.4 for Android 4.0++ A singing competition is coming to town and these girls need to look beautiful to win! Three girls are entering a music contest, but their makeup and clothes are a mess! Help them become famous celebrities by dressing them in pretty clothes and picking out the perfect spa makeup in Perfect Pitch Singer Salon. After you make them look perfect for the music show, take a photo of each girl and her band to make their own celebrity poster! With your help, they are sure to win!

Product Features:
– Three characters: Anne, Julia, and Olivia.
– Give them a spa treatment with two ingredients.
– Dress the girls in cute clothes.
– Pick out the perfect makeup.
– Have a photoshoot for their celebrity band posters!

Not only do the girls get a beautiful celebrity makeover, they get a relaxing spa treatment before the big show! Visit the spa and pick out two ingredients for the perfect spa treatment: Lemon, Strawberry, Honey, Banana, Milk, Rose, Orange, Kiwi, or Chocolate. The refreshing feel of a relaxing spa treatment will have the girls ready to perform with their band and win!

How to Play:
– Use interactive touch screen controls to pick clothes and ingredients.
– Pick a character to become the next big music celebrity: Anne, Julia, or Olivia.
– Give them a relaxing spa treatment before the show
– Perform an awesome makeover by picking out the perfect makeup, hair, and dress.
– Take a band poster photo after they are all dolled up and ready for the show!

Download this free educational game! It's super fun! Girls free games.

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Perfect Pitch HighSchool Girls Download

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