Cargo Truck Driver Apk Free Download

No go Game dosent look like pictures,but I guess,do they ever.needs more steering options,qnd the way the boxes are stacked is stupid,your going to lose some no matter how slow you go.there are so many of these games I am getting tired of playing same games over and over,developers just cant make a good game on google play,well I havent found any yet.delete this gqme.
Here we provide Cargo Truck Driver V 1.1 for Android 4.0++ Time for an exciting cargo truck extreme hill drive ride in the latest cargo truck games. The most challenging truck driving journey begins for our fearless truck driver 3d offroad. Drive and enjoy one of the most amazing cargo truck mountain games with real cargo truck driving simulation on hilly areas. Show your skills as an extreme truck driver 3d offroad to drive heavy real truck driver simulator 3d 2016. In one of the most modern cargo truck games, be careful while driving your cargo truck extreme hill drive on dangerous twists and turns to deliver cargo safely. Have fun sitting behind the wheel of a huge powerful vehicle and upgrade your driving, parking and transporting skills in the ultimate cargo truck mountain games. Try the newest CARGO TRUCK DRIVER game designed for all ages!
1. 5 exciting game play missions
2. Multiple heavy cargo transporter trucks for selection
3. Smooth steering, race pedals and brakes with realistic physics
4. Transporting cargo boxes, oil barrels, steel bars, sacks and tree fences and more
5. Exciting thrill of driving hill truck driver simulator 3d on mountains and steep paths
6. Realistic 3D hill side environment with beautiful graphics
7. Multiple camera angles to view and enhance your gaming experience

8. View the speed of the cargo truck while going through dangerous curves
9. Obtain health boxes on the way to increase cargo truck's health bar
10. Obtain boosters to increase the speed of the truck
11. Stay away from red color highlighted pointers (they can decrease your points)
12. Enjoy cool background music

Driving cargo truck extreme hill drive is the real duty task for our truck driver 3d offroad to transport cargo through the rugged terrains, mountains and hills. Explore the trucking world with beautiful landscapes in this finest blend of cargo truck games and cargo truck mountain games. So, put on your seat belt and get your driving skills to work by playing CARGO TRUCK DRIVER!

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Cargo Truck Driver Download

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