Tank Strike – battle online V 1.9.3

Too much name-calling I have been called American Niger this is supposed to be a family-oriented game I have heard from the Developers and they are investigating this thank you!! 😊 But this is also a pay-to-win game it cost a lot of money to buy the tanks and upgrade but it is a very fun game to play. And also the fire rate need to be stepped up the fire rate are too slow in this game!!!!!!! It cost a lot to play this game I am very competitive person I want the fastest and the strongest but I have to rethink about how much money I’m going to invest in this game I spent nearly $2,000 in Modern Combat 5 it did not work out well I just don’t know if I can do this again too much down time because the fuel situation I love this game but I have to rethink everything?ID65950 tornado used a phrase American n***** go home this must not be allowed in this game!!! The name calling need to be cleaned up in this game it doesn’t matter what flag you have the developers need to clean this up this is a family-oriented game my response is everybody is beautiful in God’s eyes!!! Thank you for responding😀😄😎 I cannot afford to play this game this is a pay to win game and you have to spend a lot of money to stay competitive! The matchmaking it’s awful and unfair!!!!! You have the most powerful tank on the same Battlefield with Tier 1, 2 tanks unfair don’t make sense at all!!
Here we provide Tank Strike – battle online V 1.9.3 for Android 4.0.3++ This is a 3D real-time strategic tank battle game. Dozens of tanks at your disposal. Use strategies such as dodging, running, aiming and shooting to defeat your enemies. Become the greatest hero.

– Equip your tank with super weapons
– Special weapons: laser, machine guns, homing missiles, guided nuclear bombs
– About 10 tanks awaiting battle
– Individual development, get experience, change at your will
– Change your tank or spray paint
– Real 3D effects, tank models and battle map
– Ranked battles with money awards
– Dozens of elite pilots awaiting your call
– Select the most pilot for your tank
– You can destroy architecture or smash them
– Multiple battle modes open all day
– A worldwide real-time tank game

Official webpage:http://www.apkbot.com


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Tank Strike - battle online V 1.9.3 Download

Download Address:Tank Strike – battle online V 1.9.3


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