PoerSmart V 1.9.68

Good idea but … I bough the simplest package to test the functionality before the big investment and I’m happy for my decision.. first of all the application responses very slow and there are missing some basic futures like manual mode for thermostat. The working range for thermostat is very limited, i have unstable connection to control unit in the case when the thermostat is at max 10m away on different level in the building. Finally i consider this product a good idea, but more improvements needed for the five stars…
Here we provide PoerSmart V 1.9.68 for Android 4.1++ The Poersmart app allows you to remotely monitor and manage your heating and security system from anywhere by using your mobile phone. Work with Poer room thermostat, Poer self-powered radiator controller, Poer Gas detector and Poer gateway.

With the Poersmart app you can:

1.Remotely control your devices from any place you are: check and change heating system setting like temperature, schedule, working mode etc.

2.Totally control your numbers of room thermostat, radiator controller in multiple locations.

3.Clearly know the status of your batteries, energy consumptions.

4.View and take local weather forecast for reference when setting the heating system.

5.On time alert about your heating and security system: once there is high or low temperature, gas leak at home, you can be known by app’s pushing alerts and notification.

6.Automatically upgrade to new version once they are available.

Some features require a working internet connection, Wi-Fi, to learn more about our products, please go to http://www.poersmart.com.

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.


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PoerSmart V 1.9.68 Download

Download Address:PoerSmart V 1.9.68


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