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Great It’s not a game for everyone. Just time consuming if you want to get anywhere. All the poor ratings must be by young ones who aren’t educated enough to know how to play. I find it very entertaining and fun.
Here we provide 1655m V 1.4 for Android 4.0.3++ 111% game, 1655m
Dig in the ground with a sword and go down eternally.
If you go down to 1655 meter, you can meet the monster of master
Collect swords and upgrade your guard.
Upgrade is important.
Can you go dungeon 1655m?
Simple but Addictive
1655m by 111%
Game Features:
– You can choose 27 swords and upgrade your guard.
– Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.
– Easy and fun to play.
– Check our facebook page, 111%, to get a hidden item and play other addictive games.
– Colorful UI, Fun sound effects, Attractive characters.
BBTAN, CCTAN, DDTAN, EETAN, POPONG!, Charles, CtrlCV, Goodnight RUDY, RoadStar, Lunar Blade, DjJelly, PushKey, Boing111, JUMP360, ActionFingers, BBTOON, SEAPONG and 1655m.
Share your screenshots online SNS such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
Enjoy addictive 1655m while you commute, on a date, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank and so on. Anytime, anywhere you can play addictive 1655m!!11
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

1655m Download

Download Address:1655m


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