Here we provide SECRET MISSION SPY AGENT V 1.0 for Android 2.3.2++ Stay quiet, Keep it down and get the work done. It’s a secret mission handed over to you by the government to secure the most valuable information that got leaked by an Imposter agent. The information is now in hands of gangsters and is split up to keep it away from governments spy. Now you are an undercover secret agent who has a training of military and fighting crimes as a stealth soldier.Your mission is to rescue the information. The information is in the form of a major key, split into 7 pieces and kept in the hands of mafia, soon they are going to escape the national borders and get all the keys together with a chief criminal plan in mind to destroy the government stability.
You have to aim and reach all the gang players that are helping the mafia in this mission. Use your training potential to spy on their secret mission, get the keys and escape the platform in a clever. Take quick glance over your raining school sessions, sharp up your soldier abilities, take the secret hints, hunt for the Mafia agents, fight them like a stealth soldier be the agent who saves the basics of the country and rescue its security. Different challenging missions are given to this squad and your duty is to rescue your nation safely. Feel the thrill of patriotic blood. Enter the red zones and Smack down the mafia agents, Kill the terrorist splinter groups from stealing information and selling to crime syndicate. Feel the drama and intense game play.  It is time to load out your firearms and rescue as a stealth spy. Once you enter the mission zone there is no turning back, be sharp, be sneaky, you will face many agents before you know it. Think of tricky spy training escapes that you wised in training school. Let the killing begin.

Key Features:

– Blazing sounds
– Breathtaking graphics
– Interesting gameplay
– Rigid spy skills
– Advance Weapons

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.




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