Chocolate Factory Farm Apk Free Download

Awsome This is an awsome game , but could you add more drawings of cats
Here we provide Chocolate Factory Farm V 1.2.68 for Android 2.3.2++ Satisfy your sweet tooth with The Chocolate Factory, the most delicious game on mobile, now available in the Play Store!
Have you ever wanted to run your very own chocolate factory? Now you can!
Join your friends at the The Chocolate Factory and compete to get the highest score. Manage all the areas of your business; crop, livestock, production and sale of your delicious, mouth-watering treats.

You'll have to work hard and create a winning business strategy to achieve your goals. Then take a huge profit for yourself while continuing to develop your business' growth strategies.

🔹Build and upgrade your farm.
🔹Sell or improve your field/barn/pond to expand your farm.
🔹Buy, upgrade, and fix the machines in your factory.
🔹Hire and train staff. Take care all of your staffs needs to keep your shop running smoothly.
🔹Give gifts to your customers to keep them happy and increase customer satisfaction.

🔹Free and filled with adventure
🔹Login with Facebook to join and play with all your friends on other devices and platforms
🔹Amazing 2D Graphic
🔹More than 60+ achievements to complete
🔹New missions updated regularly with fun new features
🔹Daily and weekly prizes

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#Download and Enjoy#

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Chocolate Factory Farm Download

Download Address:Chocolate Factory Farm


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