Talking Pet Pululu Apk Free Download

its cute it needs alot more games bcuz his stuff r so expensiv n u only give us two games? smh . the screen i small too n i dunno y but apart frm dat the little fellow is cuteHere we provide Talking Pet Pululu V 1.55 for Android 2.3.2++ Keep a cute Pululu pet on your phone screen to enjoy the birth of your cute virtual pet and watch her growing by washing, bathing, feeding and playing games with her, most of all, to watch your pet evolving! Collect as many Pululu species as you can.

❤User Reviews:
I like how Pululu was attached to the side of my phone screen. It's like she's telling me to check over her. She's so cute. – Aurora Marquez
Pululu is so cute so I rate it 5 star because when I’m so stressed from work I played Pululu and my stressed gone. – Belen Patricia
This is the virtual pet concept that I always want to have on my mobile phone. Prompt react on comments impressed me too. I will continue to support Pululu. -Zephryn Fan
Its awesome .. I enjoying .. My pet name is Loki .. I can't pass a day without checking him. – Xenry Lacorte

❤Game Description:
– Easy to check over pet’s status (She is hiding just on the edge of the screen)
– Make sure she is growing healthy and joyful (Name, feed, bath and play games with him)
– You can get evolved Pululu species by finding crystal balls and take them in a mysterious recipe, and bump, Pululu evolves!
Have lots of fun with new games & species (Updating every week)

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

Talking Pet Pululu Download

Download Address:Talking Pet Pululu


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