Mermaid Adventure Story

Here we provide Mermaid Adventure Story V 1.1 for Android 2.3.2++ Living in deep oceans this game tells the story of mysterious mermaid Bewitching their songs every man daring to aventuriez on the seas. Determine a save that family and friends is the daughter of the king maja dream of sharing a better world

the song of the sirens vibrant hearts across oceans imaginary legend giving a woman with a fish tail the goddess of love born equipped with a powerful tail fin that serves as this charming little woman swim like a fish in water

Many legend tells the story of the protector of fishermen at sea tied with that family through brotherly love one day when she discovered with amazement and stupor are the horrible loss of precious pearl necklace and diamond it hand here is research

The story goes that King Odin, the patron god of the ocean and had a daughter who live to fill the oceans of love between the sharks and dolphins.

The pooandplay team is happy to share with you Story Mermaid Adventure free game for all the family and poetry lovers looking for something new! This game is made in 3D Compatible google play your tablet supports Thank you means a lot to us.

if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.


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Mermaid Adventure Story Download

Download Address:Mermaid Adventure Story


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